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You have just entered a safe space full of open information and sources about food fermentation. Feel free to browse through our blog posts and specific categories of ferments! You can also look up our constantly growing list of local fermentors and places that sell fermented food and drinks! 

This portal aims on promoting locality, circularity and respectful treatment of resources our mother nature offers on a daily basis.

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At least 30% of the food we consume is fermented. Often we don’t realize that staple products have undergone a microbial transformation in order to become for example cheese, coffee, beer or vinegar.

Fermentation as a process of controlled decomposition of substrates comes in many forms. Here we distinguish between 4 categories: 

Local Market

Denmark has been recognized as on of the most important hospitality melting pots in the World. With 32 Michelin-starred restaurants and some of The World’s 50 Best Restaurants by Peligrini  – the race is intense, hospitality standards are high and seek for novelty constant. That’s also where fermentation comes in place. As a natural preservation method and a flavor enhancer the techniques are popular in gastronomy on many levels. Customers often crave to prolong the experience from the restaurants and have these products in their own fridges. Growing number of fermentors, craftsmen and brewers are here to fulfill this need! 

Who are we?

We are passionate about everything fermented. Our mission is to increase the awareness and spread the word about (sustainably) fermented products on community and institutional levels.

Giving people open-sourced valid information and examples of best practices is the best tool to achieve our goals. We are the ambassadors of circularity, food waste reduction and food preservation in many forms!

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