Crispy chilli oil

I made my own version and it turned out pretty well. Follow my recipe to make it yourself!

I’ve tried to make a condiment that is very popular in China – chili oil. Actually – it’s not really about the oil itself… It’s about the cripsy parts that are smuggled into the whole thing. You might recognize it as a red jar called Lao Gan Ma with a lady on the lable. Originally it comes from around Szechuan and Guizhou regions in China and contains regional peppercorns, chilli flakes, douchi (fermented beans), peanuts, tofu and some other ingredients – depending on the region..

I made my own version and it turned out pretty well.. It’s a powerful sweet spicy and umami combination that serves as a condiment for many purposes (from plain rice to marinades and dressings). Here’s what I did:

1. Roast garlic in peanut oil

Strain and put aside

2. Roast spring onions/shallots

Strain and put aside

3. Heat up oil to over 100C

Mix up: chilli flakes, dry kimchi, mushroom powder, crushed peanuts

4. Pour oil over the mix

Cool down under 60C

5. Add dry koji

Let sit for a couple of day

The result is so magnificent and powerful… I’ve tossed it with some potatoes, garnished roasted pork with it, put on an avocado sandwich… So versatile, so good..

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