Kombucha & Health

What does it mean that kombucha is healthy?

As you know kombucha is healthy beverage made by fermenting sweetened black tea by a tea fungus (known as SCOBY). Originally from China, went through Russia and Ukraine soon to become a popular drink world-wide. Its basic version tastes like sparkling apple cider, getting more sour and slightly vinegar-like taste over time. But what does it mean that it’s healthy?

I went through some researches and literature to point out on several healthy benefits coming from consumption of kombucha.

It has been shown to have good effects on:

– gastric activities
– intestinal activities
– glandular activities

It is believed to overcome:

toxin excretion
– diabetes
– nervousness
– aging problems

It also acts as a laxative known to relieve:

joint rheumatism
– gout
– hemorrhoids

Kombucha contains metabolites (as by-products of fermentation) in form of various types of organic acids and vitamins. Let’s not forget about probiotic bacterias that might influence our immune and digestion systems.

A few experiments show direct effect of consumption of this #fermented drink on health and performance of humans. If you want to dig deeper, check those reads:

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  • “Determination and characterization of the antimicrobial activity of the fermented tea Kombucha” C.J. Greenwalt et al. (1998)
  • “Tea, Kombucha, and health: a review.” C. Dufresne and E. Farnworth (2000)

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