I believe that...

…within a few years from now, fermented foods will become another main food category next to raw fruits or vegetables, dairy, fish, animal products, and bread or cereals. I imagine the world, where we recognize and embrace the power of fermented foods – from the most prevalent like soy sauce or yoghurt to the less obvious ones like dobanjang or natto. The world, where awareness and curiosity provoke us to seek for more sour, more funky, more umami.

…educating taste pallets and working on food literacy can help to break the barriers and make everyone become a more conscious consumer and care-taker. Everyday people and restaurants should handle food with more creativity and attention. Reusing materials considered as wasted can significantly affect the condition of our planet.

I want to reach out to the people and businesses in the local communities and help YOU understand that by changing the perspective we can all benefit and affect the course of our future. And the future of our microcosm.

I want to share the word about the prolific functions of fermented foods and help you understand that fermentation is not difficult and the resulting products are healthy and tasty.

Here's what I know for sure:

Fermentation prolongs food’s shelf life, unlocks and helps in the absorption of nutrients, gives imperfect products a second life, enhances and creates incredible flavors. Unconventional flavors are also a way to succeed for restauranteurs and creative chefs.

Around third of the food we eat is fermented. We don’t even realize how much our diets are dependent on the contribution from bacterias and microbes that live around us since always and forever more.

I want to constantly work on reviving traditional food-processing knowledge and skills, present low-tech rituals and practices that people all over the world have been using for literally thousands of years.

I want to change the way many food systems work. Help people to adjust the focus and look at the elements that matter from a more sustainable perspective.

..but what I also know…

is that there are too much food and materials wasted in the hospitality world and on the individual levels. If we don’t find our true North now, if we don’t consider looking at the consequences of our actions in a long term – we cannot be proud of our achievements and should start apologizing to future generations for what could have been avoided if only we acted right.

I want to live in a world where people reduce, reuse and recycle. Where food doesn’t get wasted but gains a chance for a second life by being preserved with simple fermentation techniques.

I want to nurture the urge for circularity. Constantly developing good practices and consciously consuming goods have to go hand in hand with other daily habits. A sustainable approach to the world we live in should be represented on every level of human existence.

In the last five years, I have notices how fermented food has positively affected my physical and mental health, improved my sleep quality and overall well-being. I wish and hope for the others to feel the same way too! Join me! And let’s build #fermentationship